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Why our customers love us

I have known your shop and that you have kepted good equipment for many years, so I didn’t hesitate to come when I needed advice. I came to you because you get better attention from a family firm and I proved this. Politeness was shown to me and time was taken to give advice. I found the staff …
Mrs Margaret JohnstonGreat Orton
March 2014 I knew about you from passing your shop and I wanted a new fire so decided to have a look in your shop. The showroom was very good and the fires made it look cosy. Stuart was very helpful, pleasant and told us all about the 3 button Nu Flame convector gas fire we bought. Jamie fitted i…
Mr BradyCarlisle
June 2017 We have known Jan and Peter who own Trafford Fireplaces for 20 plus years and they installed our first wood burner in 2002. There prices are competitive and they give excellent customer service. They have a well laid out showroom and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. W…
Mrs CroninBrampton
January 2013. We know you because we are local and a friend recommended you. You have a good variety of fireplaces in the showroom. Eileen could not be better she was able to explain everything. We chose the Elgin and Hall Verdena with lights and the Nu Flame High Efficiency Living Flame Gas fire wi…
Mr & Mrs ArmstrongHarraby, Carlisle, Cumbria
July 2014 I chose you because you had a large choice of fires and fireplaces. The displays were excellent and Graeme was very good. I bought a Aurelia fireplace with lights and a remote control NuFlame convector gas fire. Ian fitted it and he was very good, I’m very pleased.
Mr BellSilloth
May 2014 I chose to come to you because I had been in the shop before. I went to a fireplace shop in Penrith and there wasn’t a lot on display. I was just given brochures and told to go back when I had chosen something and they weren’t helpful at explaining what would suit me best. Your showroom …
Mrs HornLazonby
I had used you before so I came back again. You have good products and prices. The showroom is excellent and Graeme your staff is very good. The fitters Paul and Jamie were excellent. I am very pleased.
Mr SleeDalston
September 2014 I came to you because I thought that Trafford Fireplaces has been here for such a long time that it must be good. The showroom was very nice and Stuart was very pleasant and helpful. He was friendly and explained everything to my satisfaction. I bought a NuFlame slimline remote con…
Mrs MarkCarlisle
November 2014 I came to you because of the variety of fireplaces and because the staff were very helpful. The showroom was excellent, perfect. Stuart was very helpful and I bought a Oriana suite in Manilla with lights. I’m pleased I came to you.
Mr StelleDumfries
June 2014 I chose you because I got the best treatment from your staff when I called in compared to the other shops I visited. I thought the showroom was good and so was Graeme. I bought a convector  gas fire with a log effect.
Mr StevensonLangholm
I have always known your shop was there and having looked around everywhere came back to you because of the quality and price of the fire. The showroom is warm and welcoming and the staff were very helpful and gave me all the help I needed. The fitters were excellent. Brilliant work, friendly and ve…
Miss MartinCarlisle, Cumbria.
We have driven past the shop many times. The showroom was very good and peter explained our choices very well. We chose you because of your advice and helpful service after we had visited a number of retailers. The fitters, David, Steely and Jamie were excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend y…
Barbra ElbornNewcastleton
April 2014 We chose to go to you because we already knew the shop. The showroom was very well displayed and Stuart was very welcoming and helpful. We bought a slimline Nu Flame gas fire and Simon and Jamie fitted it. They were very professional, especially Jamie. We were very happy to use you and…
Mr & Mrs ReedCarlisle
December 2013 We knew about you from friends and we chose to buy from you because of the recommendations we had and because of our visit to the shop. The shop had a comprehensive selection of fires and fireplaces and Stuart was friendly and very helpful. We chose a remote control Nu Flame gas fir…
Mr & Mrs SermenAppleby
I have always known about you and you were recommended to me by my friends and builder. I was very happy with the showroom and my experience in it. Eileen was very helpful and allowed me time and space but was very knowledgeable when I wanted help. Ian the fitter was very good. I am going to use him…
Mrs KirkeCarlisle
June 2015 I just went into Trafford’s to see what you had. The showroom was very good and Jan was very helpful. I bought from you because of the great quality and the first class help I got from the staff. I bought an Elgin & Hall Marble Fireplace with a Nu Flame High efficiency convector gas fir…
Mrs GrahamCarlisle
April 2017 I heard about Trafford Fireplaces from a relative and also saw the fire they had bought from you. The showroom was well laid out and the staff were ready to help and advise. I purchased a Gazco Logic HE gas fire and matt black fret and frame with the help and advice of Brenda.  T…
Mrs FlintPenrith
I found you in Yellow Pages. I thought the showroom was very good. Graeme was excellent at explaining the products. I decided to buy my Fire and Fireplace of you because of your good service. You were very helpful and knowledgeable. The fitter Paul was very good. I am glad I purchased my Fireplace f…
Karen NicholsonWigton
January 2013. I had seen you in the local papers and yellow pages. The showroom is homely – its comfortable looking around and you’ve got the best variety around this area. Eileen gave prompt service, she was pleasant, controlled in an easy manner when explaining the workings of fires. I chose …
Mrs ElliottThursby, Carlisle, Cumbria
February 2014 I saw you as I was driving past and I wanted to buy local, but to be honest I went to you because I didn’t know where else to go. In the showroom you had a good variety of products but found it hard to chose so visited 3 times before we decided. Graeme was friendly and we chose to b…
Mrs WatsonCarlisle
We came to you as we are local and had previously visited your showroom. Your showroom is deceptively spacious with a good choice. The fitter was good. We are delighted with the service.
Mr & Mrs SwattsDalston
December 2014 We are local to the area and called into the shop on a recommendation. The shop was very well presented and laid out. Eileen was very helpful and explained the products to us. We had a Stockton gas fire and Inglenook fitted by Jamie and David who did a good job. We were …
Mr & Mrs GibsonCarlisle
March 2014 I heard about you from my next door neighbour and chose you because of the quality of work you did for them. The showroom was goo, to hot to be in too long and Graeme was excellent. I bought a LPG gas fire and Jamie fitted it. He was brill, can’t fault him.
Mr RotheryPlumpton
We knew you were there and visited most of the local suppliers and found Trafford’s to be the most helpful. The showroom was well laid out and airy and light. Graeme was helpful and knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. David and his fitters were pleasant and efficient and kept an…
Mr & Mrs MacKayCarlisle, Cumbria.
December 2012. I have often seen the shop when passing and you had the type of fire I wanted. The showroom was very good and Graeme gave very helpful and accurate service and advice. We chose the Gazco Ivory Enamel LPG Stove. I am pleased I went to you.
Mr GreenhalghColby, Appleby, Cumbria
I originally saw you in the yellow pages but I chose to go to you because I had already bought 2 fires from you. The showroom had a good selection with prompt delivery and a competitive price. Graeme was very helpful in every way and I bought a black Hurton electric fire with a small brass trim. I d…
Mrs GregoryCarlisle
September 2013. I had made previous purchases with you and chose to go back for the choice of products and service. The showroom is warm and welcoming and Stuart was very helpful and informative. Jamie fitted my Nu Flame remote control convector gas fire and he was excellent.
Mr IrwinCarlisle, Cumbria.
December 2014 We chose Trafford Fireplaces on a personal recommendation. The shop is well situated and well set out and we were shown a variety of surrounds to chose from. The staff were very helpful and Eileen gave us all the information about the different types of gas fires. Our Nu-fl…
Mr & Mrs MarstonDalston
August 2014 You were recommended to me by a friend which is why I came to you. I thought the showroom was hot on one of the warmest summer days. Graeme was extremely helpful and I bought a stove. David fitted it and he was very clean. it was a good job done and I’m very pleased.
Wendy BalmerHayton
March 2013. I came to you because I had seen you in the press and a friend had told me about you. I was impressed after visiting the showroom which was very good. Eileen explained everything we needed to know. We chose the Elgin and Hall Marble Newman Electric Suite with the big fire. Simon the fitt…
Mr & Mrs WalkerCarlisle, Cumbria.

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