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Why our customers love us

July 2017 We came to your showroom for a new Gas Fire. We chose a Legend Gas Fire with Slide Control. Your fitter J20 came and fitted our new gas fire in our 40 year old fireplaces. He was courteous and competent and did EXACTLY what we, the customer asked him to do and we were very satisfied …
Mr & Mrs Whitworth, Lowery Hill, Carlisle
June 2014 I had used you in the past and was always pleased with your service so I came back. Your showroom was good and Stuart was very helpful. I bought a button control NuFlame convector gas fire and a made to measure back and hearth. Jamie fitted it and he was excellent. I’m pleased with ever…
Mr JonesCarlisle
March 2014 I saw the shop premises in Carlisle and I went to you because I had used you previously and was very happy with my purchase at that time. The showroom was excellent, there was a variety of stock and it was well laid out. Stuart was very knowledgeable about their wares and helped e chos…
Mr WilsonCarlisle
January 2014 I had dealt with you before and decided to come back because of your good service. The showroom was good and Graeme was very helpful. David fitted my Villager Esprit 5KW stove and he was good.
Mr WaltersCanonbie
December 2017 I came to you because you have a good selection and a good reputation. The showroom is relaxed and friendly, but not pushy. Brenda was very helpful and courteous. We chose the Pevex Eco 30 Compact Convector Multi Fuel Stove to fit in our existing fireplace. The fitters Tony and Alan…
Mrs Nicholson, Crindledyke, Carlisle
October 2017 We came to you because you have a good selection of gas Fires. Brenda was very helpful and sold us a lovely fire. It was the Nu-Flame Energis Ultra 2 Convector Gas Fire with the High Level Button Controls. The fitter J20 was very good and on time. I would recommend you.
Mr & Mrs Harkness, Morton, Carlisle
We have driven past the shop many times and Finally called in. You have a good display and we got good friendly advice from Eileen. We liked the NU-Flame Fire and got good advice from Peter when he called at our home. The fitters were very polite, friendly and we were pleased with the job. We were v…
Mr & Mrs MortonCumwhinton
September 2014 We bought from you because we liked the Nu Flame Icona gas fire. We thought the showroom was nice with a good choice and Eileen was very helpful. Jamie fitted our fire and he was excellent. (He should have had more time to play football per our Grandson!) We are pleased we came to …
Mr & Mrs ChandlerCarlisle
October 2013. We had seen your advert in the Cumberland News and we chose to buy from you after visiting your showroom and getting help from your staff. Our shop experience was very good and Stuart was extremely helpful. Jamie fitted my New Flame Convector gas fire and he was excellent, he arrived …
Mr & Mrs JacksonAppleby, Cumbria.
April 2014 I chose to buy from you because you had a good selection of fires on display. The showroom was very good and your staff gave good advice and were very helpful. Graeme in particular was excellent and I bought a remote control Logic convector gas fire. Paul fitted my fire and he did a ve…
Mr LowtherCockermouth
April 2018 You have the best selection in Carlisle. The showroom has good variety. Its spacious and easy to look around. Brendan was very good, polite and helpful. I chose an Oak Gorden Mantel with Roman Stone Marble and a Dimplex Wynford Electric Fire. The fitter J20 was very good. I phoned in t…
Mr Byrne, Denton Holme, Carlisle.
April 2013. You were recommended to me by B & Q staff at Penrith because they couldn’t meet our needs. I didn’t visit the showroom, I got Peter to call on me and he assured me he had the Fire I required. I chose the Nu Flame High Efficiency Slimline Open Living Flame Gas Fire with High Level But…
Mrs TaylorHigh Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria
April 2013. I know Trafford Fireplaces. You have a good range. The showroom is pleasant, airy, well set out in various colours. Graeme explained the products good. I picked a new marble back panel and a Dimplex Electric Fire. The fitter Simon was a good clean worker and arrived on time. I had to cha…
Mr G TaylorCarlisle, Cumbria.
November 2014 I chose you because you were recommended to me by my son. I thought the showroom had good info on your products (tech info, price etc.) and Stuart was excellent. I bought a NuFlame remote control convector gas fire and Jamie fitted it. He did an excellent job, they were clean and ef…
Mr PorterCarlisle
Graeme was excellent and the shop was well stocked. Simon the fitter was excellent and did very good workmanship. We are really pleased with the service and would refer you and the fitter with confidence. I would not go anywhere else in the future. Thanks so much.
Mrs Karen FearonHoughton
We knew you through word of mouth and we chose you because you were recommended to us and the price. The showroom had a wide and varied choice. The showroom staff were excellent and gave good advice. The fitters Stuart and Jamie were, excellent, expert and pleasant. I am very pleased I came to you.
Mrs BowditchStanwix
May 2015 I had gone to a different shop first but I was not satisfied. I then went to Trafford Fireplaces. They were very pleasant and helpful. The showroom had a lot of choice and a very friendly atmosphere. Peter was very helpful and explained everything about anything I looked at. I chose a St…
Louise GorleyCumwhinton
October 2013. I pass the shop every day and chose to buy my Yeoman CL8 stove from you because  I liked the choice available and Graeme was very helpful. I thought the shop was well laid out given the limited space. The work via David Southwell and his son was well done.
Shona AndersonCarlisle, Cumbria.
We came back to you because we had a Fire put in previously by you. The showroom was excellent. Eileen was helpful and you had a good selection of Fires and Fireplaces. Everyone was very helpful at explaining the products. Ian the fitter was excellent. We are very pleased with everything.
Mr & Mrs DayMorton West, Carlisle
May 2013. I found you from an internet search and the Local Paper. I then came to visit you. You had friendly staff and had what we were looking for at the best price. You have a good showroom packed with different models and accessories. Graeme the main sales person we saw was excellent. The guys …
Ilona FurrokhHesket Newmarket, Cumbria.
We knew you were there and visited most of the local suppliers and found Trafford’s to be the most helpful. The showroom was well laid out and airy and light. Graeme was helpful and knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. David and his fitters were pleasant and efficient and kept an…
Mr & Mrs MacKayCarlisle, Cumbria.
I knew you by visiting Carlisle and driving past. I went to you because you were convenient and I was shopping in Carlisle.. There was a good choice in the showroom and it was well displayed. Eileen was very helpful and sold the Fireplace through her manner. I am very pleased with your service”
Mrs SimpsonKirby Stephen, Cumbria
April 2014 We found you through an internet search and that’s why we came to you. The showroom was an educational experience. It was neat and tidy and easy to choose from. Stuart was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, two quite different qualities, and we bought a NuFlame slimline button contro…
Mr & Mrs ArmstrongWorkington
September 2017 We saw your advert and came into the shop.The showroom was well laid out and the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Matthew helped us choose the Gazco Riva 2 500 Hole – In – The – Wall Gas Fire with Granite Slips. The fitters Tony and Allan were absolutely brilliant. They w…
Mr & Mrs Campbell, Annan
June 2017 We came to Trafford Fireplaces as we had bought a fire from you a few years back and were satisfied with our purchase. The outlay of the showroom was perfect and the member of staff who served us (Matthew) was very helpful and explained the products to us. We purchased a Firecharm…
Mr & Mrs IrvingCarlisle
I had used you before so I came back again. You have good products and prices. The showroom is excellent and Graeme your staff is very good. The fitters Paul and Jamie were excellent. I am very pleased.
Mr SleeDalston
January 2014 We had seen the shop when we were in Carlisle and knew about you because a friend had used you. We chose to buy from you because when we popped in the shop Stuart was very helpful and knowledgeable with what we needed. The showroom was very well set out and we bought a remote control…
Mr & Mrs GibsonPenrith
June 2013. I came to you after shopping around locally and seeing your displays. There was really nowhere else to go and the opposition was not very helpful. Your showroom is very pleasing and so was Graeme and attentive. I bought an Elgin & Hall Verdena Marble Fireplace with Lights and a Dimplex El…
Mr DanielsCarlisle, Cumbria.
April 2014 You were recommended to  me buy a relative and I though your showroom was very good. I bought a Nu Flame convector gas fire and a 45″ Stella surround. Stuart in the shop was good and Ian fitted my fire and surround. He was very good too.
Mrs UnderwoodCarlisle
I know you because I live near Carlisle. I thought the showroom was great and Graeme was excellent at explaining the Stoves to me. I bought the Studio 2 because of the price. I am very pleased I came to you.
Lisa GrantGreat Orton

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