Gas Fires in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces

Gas Fires in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces

Gas Fires in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces

Considering the winters we have been enduring over the last couple of years it is just as well there has been a sea change in the Heat and Efficiency of Gas Fires.

We now have open living flame convector gas fires that are 74% efficient. That is almost as efficient as a glass-fronted fire.

You can now get inset Glass-Fronted living flame fires at 70%-80% efficiency.

Plus inset Balanced Flued Fires from 80% – 90% efficiency.

Winters are getting colder, Gas Bills are getting bigger, so update to these incredible new fires to get the most heat for your hard earned money.

Beauty does not mean lousy heat. Not from us anyway.

Whatever the Gas. Mains or LPG. We have the Fires.

Whatever the type of fire. Hole in the Wall, Inset, Outset, Convector, Radiant, Decorative, Ancient, Modern, Trendy, we have them all.

You will just have to call in and see for yourselves. We have lots of working Fires for you to enjoy.

Welcome to Trafford Fireplaces.

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A Panoramic Hole-In-The-Wall Gas Fire for Cavity Walls


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These days everyone seems to be making more and more outrageous claims. Faster, slower, higher, lower and so on. As you would expect these claims are also made of Gas Fires. Hotter, most efficient, cheapest to run, easiest to light and more.

At Traffords we sell the Fires that we believe really work. The fires that our customers are really happy with. I am not saying there are no fires as good as what we sell but we are very confident in the Heat, Efficiency and Reliability of our Fires.

The most popular Open Living Flame Gas Fires we sell is the Nu-Flame range.

These are on working display in the showroom and are suitable for most fireplace situations. There efficiency is at the top end of what is achievable and they use about 10% less Gas than you would expect for these kind of fires.

All their Fires are tested and independently verified by BSI an independent government body.

There are Three ways of lighting these Fires to make them very customer friendly.

Nu-Flame Gas Fire Manual Control

Manual Control

Manual. What you are used to most likely. For those who don’t mind or still can get down to the floor.


3 Button Control

The Nu-Flame 3 Button Control. This 3 Button Version has one button to ignite and turn off the fire,  and the other two turn it up and down.


Nu-Flame Gas Fire Remote Control

Remote Control

Remote Control. This is my favourite control. It is fully sequential (the same as the 3 Button High level Control) This means it lights the pilot and controls the level of the fire. All from the comfort of your armchair.




Nu flame

Energis Ultra 2

The most popular Gas Fire that we sell is the Nu-Flame Energis Ultra 2.


We have been selling Living Flame Gas Fires since they were first invented about 30 years ago. So we have quite a lot of experience with them. The Nu-Flame HE convector was a step change from what went before, and now the Energis Ultra 2 is even better. We have always sold the best of what was available at the time, but we have never had a fire that produces such efficient HEAT. Having sold fires for so long now many of our customers are buying replacement Gas Fires. They have been totally satisfied with the fire they had before and have been more than surprised at the additional heat available from this fire and at a lower gas use.

Before you chose any new Gas Fire this is one to check out. As with most of our Fires you can dress it up as you like with different Frames and Fronts.

Nu-Flame Slimline Gas Fire

The Slimline or Multi Flue Gas Fire is aimed primarily at the homes with Pre-Cast Flues.

These are a flue which runs up the inside of a brick about the size and shape of a letter box. They terminate on the ridge of the house with a raised up ridge tile.

Most fires of this this type look rubbish and perform poorly.

The Nu-Flame Energis Slimline Ultra 2 Fire Looks Good with a much deeper than average fuel bed a stunning 73% Efficiency and a wooping 4.6KW Heat output.


The New Flame Hole In The Wall Icona Fireplace

This is the most unique Fire of its type. It is open fronted and HOT. Most other Open Fronted Hole In The Wall Gas Fires give out virtually no heat or actually make the room colder.

Icona Hole In The Wall Gas Fire

Icona Hole In The Wall Gas Fire

The ICONA is 62% Efficient and has a Stunning 4.27KW Heat Output. We don’t think there is another fire that can come close to this for heat and efficiency. It looks really good to. We have it on working display in the showroom so you can see it and feel it. There are different fuel beds, liners and frames available. This allows you to create your own unique fireplace. Plus it is fully remote control.


Infinity Hang On The Wall Gas Fire

Infinity Hang On The Wall Gas Fire

A Really Unique Gas Fire that we sell which is stunning and beautiful. A hang on the wall Hole In The Wall sort of thing which even works on a precast flue.

The Infinity Gas Fire

It is available in two sizes and is on working display in the showroom. It is fully remote control, 82% Efficient and a stunning 4.3KW Heat Output. Enough for most rooms all by itself on a bad winters day.

The most versatile and comprehensive range of quality Gas Fires on the market today are GAZCO.

We have been dealing with them for over 25 years now. We are part of their EXPERT DEALER network, which means that if you buy from us you now get a FREE 5 Year Extended Warranty.

The big problem with Gazco is where to start. They make so many different fires.

We have SIX of their Fires on Working Display. They are all HOT in looks and performance. They come with a vast array of different fronts, frames and designs. Below is what we have on working display, but there are so many more.

The Inset Convector Fire.

Art Nouveau convector Casting with Logic HE Gas Fire

Art Nouveau convector Casting with Logic HE Gas Fire

It comes with an almost limitless range of Frames and Fronts plus in Manual and Remote Controls plus some are available with a slide control.

Logic Convector Gas fire with Chrome Arts Front and Frame

Logic Convector Gas Fire

The Logic Convector comes with a stunning 68.5% Efficiency making it one of the HOTTEST Open Fronted Living Flame Gas Fires on the market. It really does have more design options than any other Gas Fire. We have it on display with a Cast Iron Fireplace especially made for it to give you modern Heat and efficiency’s with the traditional Victorian Fireplace Look.

It can and most often is used as a Gas Fire in Marble and Stone Fireplaces. The Frame Could be Brass, Black, Brushed Steel or any of the many other Frames and Fronts they do.


Glass Fronted and balanced Flue Gas Fires

The best efficiency you can get is with Glass Fronted Gas Fires. However where there is Glass it can get dirty and  spoil your view of the fire. Gazco Glass Fronted Fires are the cleanest we have found. We have tried many other makes and have been disappointed with the results. You will always get water marks on the glass as the fire makes water condense on the glass when it is first lit. This is nearly invisible. The horrible stuff is soot. To clean this off means the glass has to come out which is not hard but requires a screwdriver and the removal of several screws. This is not popular with customers. We like Gazco because this rarely if ever happens.

The Gazco Inset Fires

Evolution Gas Fire

Evolution Gas Fire

Gazco Progress fire

Gazco Progress fire

The Variety of Frames and Fronts for Gasco Fires is VAST. No manufacturer has more. They are basically the same Fire but dressed differently. They are available in Stones, Coal and Pebble effect. They can also be used as a feature in themselves. So whatever you plan, whatever your design requirements it is available with this range of fires.

Gazco Fusion Gas Fire

Fusion Gas Fire

Gazco Progress fire

Gazco Progress fire






Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

Studio1 Gas Fire

Studio1 Gas Fire

These are the truly spectacular Gas Fires that everyone loves when they see them and then thinks they can’t have one.

Well now there is a Hole In The Wall Gas Fire for just about every situation.

If you have a chimney breast with a chimney on the roof – you can have one.



If you are on an outside wall we can fit a Slimline Balanced Flue Model into the cavity wall or we can put a full depth Balanced Flue model in front of the wall and build a dummy chimney breast around it.

If you are on an internal wall we can flue out the top and through the roof.

So when you ask the question – Can I Have a Hole In The Wall Gas Fire? The answer is usually YES.


Special Hearth Mounted Fires

Gazco Riva 2 800

Gazco Riva 2 800

There is now a new generation of Hearth Mounted Fires. They are really just very big Gas Fires designed to be completely different from anything else. Yes they are very expensive to buy and expensive to fit. But they look every pound of their cost. We have the Gazco Riva 2 800 on working display in the showroom with a honed marble fire surround similar to the picture.

Gazco Riva 2 1050

Gazco Riva 2 1050

These remarkable fireplaces don’t have to be traditional. As this Gazco Riva 2 1050 Sorento Gas Fire shows in a beautiful Honed Granite Mantel.

As you would expect with a fire of this scale it has a heat output of over 7KW. So is ideal for big impressive rooms.

Can it be fitted anywhere? No, not really. Don’t do the fitters job and assume you can’t have one. Surveys are free so if you want one of these unique fireplaces why not let us call and see if we can help.

Gazco Gas Stoves

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove

Gazco Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove

Stoves are a hugely desirable adornment to many rooms. Putting your feet up whilst gazing upon the glowing Logs or Coals of a Stove is gorgeous. This thought is diminished in many of us by the thought of fetching the logs or coal, cleaning out, soot, dust and more.

Gazco Riva 670 Pedestal Gas Stove

Gazco Riva 670 Pedestal Gas Stove

Gazco Gas Stoves get over all the nasty problems with their amazing range of Gas Stoves. No one has a bigger or more comprehensive range of Gas Stoves than Gazco. They are suitable for Mains Gas (N.Gas) or Bottled Gas (LPG). The heat is fantastic as they are so efficient. The smallest will give you a cuddling 3.6KW up to a toasting 7KW Plus for the big ones. They can be flued into a chimney. Most of the Gas Stoves have a balanced Flue version as well. There is Remote Control Versions as well as Manual Control. We have two of Gazco’s Gas Stoves on working display. Truly great heaters without the mess of the real thing. In addition to the normal ‘Black’ Stove they are available in enamel and painted finishes as well.