Time for a change. 

The old pine Mantel, Marble & Gas Fire gone to allow for this customers dream of an Inglenook with a Stovax Stockton 5 Wood Burning Stove.

Although this is a big messy job it is usually completed in two days and that includes lining the chimney. More involved Inglenooks will run into 3 days.








An old dark Fireplace is replaced with the latest Gazco Reflex 75T Gas Fire with underbed LED Lighting in a magnificent new Mantel with Granite Hearth.














You can turn a boring corner of a room into an amazing feature fireplace. This is the beautiful Oak Stove on a made to measure Honed Granite Hearth. Even the flue outlet is neat. 

The Stove is super efficient. Good to look at and will easily heat a good sized room.

































A change from old dark wood to the clean line of marble.












The Fireplace is the Focal Point of your room. It can change everything. This is a painted mantel. A totally different look. 

We can do whatever you want, any way you want.













If your going to make a change, make it dramatic.

This was just a hearth pushed under an old Gas Board Fire wit a mantel put around it. Gone, gone, gone is the beast.

Beautifully replaced with the Elgin & Hall White and Grey Marble Fireplace and Nu-Flame Gas Fire.













A Hole In The Wall can make a big difference. This is a Gazco Slimline Studio 1 Fire with Granite Slips. A Balanced Flue Fire that fits within the cavity wall. Unfortunately we’re gone before the decorators start so we rarely see the finished room.












Some before, during and after photos of an old coal fireplace turning into a beautiful Inglenook and Stove.






























There is not a Job we can’t do. All you have to do is decide what you want to sit in front of and we will do the rest.















































































































































































Old Baxi Gas Fire












Gas Board Fird

Yeoman Inset Gas Fire