Stoves in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces

Stoves in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces

Stoves in Cumbria from Trafford Fireplaces


Now is the time of the Stove.

You get 3 to 4 times the heat out of the same amount of fuel in a Stove as you do in an Open Fire. Couple that with the cost of Oil, Gas and Electricity and you start to understand the attraction of a Stove. Plus they work in a power cut.

Wood Burning Stoves are the product for being environmentally friendly. As you burn wood hopefully more is growing to take its place meaning they are carbon neutral.

The Stoves have progressed so much that many of them are approved for use in Smokeless Zones.

Most Stoves come with Multi-Fuel Grates giving you a choice of fuels to burn.

With Clean Burn & Clear View technology they have never looked so good with a brilliant view of the fire. Perfect for toasting the toes.

We stock a variety of the best makes so come in and see what takes your fancy.

Plus with HETAS Registered and Trained Fitters you can be sure of a SAFE Installation at Traffords.

Watch the video below to learn how to light a stove the easy way.

Watch the video below to see a brilliant new way to clean your stove glass.

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Some of the most popular Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves we sell are from the Stovax Brand.

Stovax Stockton Multi Fuel and Wood Burning Stove

Stovax Stockton Multi Fuel or Wood Burning Stove


The Most Popular Stove in this Range is The Stovax Stockton Range. This is a Steel Stove with a Cast Iron door. For most homes a 5KW Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove is the Most Practical Stove Size. Although there are many Stove sizes including 6kw, 7kw, 8kw,9kw,11kw and 14kw. Some wood burning and multi fuel stoves are even bigger. You should only consider large Stoves if you have your own Forrest and Forrester and happen to live in a castle.


Huntingdon 30 Ivory Enamel Multi Fuel Stove

Ivory Enamel Huntingdon 30 Multi Fuel Stove

The Stovax Huntingdon Stove is also very popular solid Cast Iron Stove. There are a variety of sizes and some can come as pure Wood Burners and some as Multi fuel Stoves. The feature I like best about these stoves is that they come in Enamel versions. However you look at it Stoves are off more than they are on, so an Enamel Stove looks good even when its not lit. There are several different colours and not all stoves come in the same colours. My favourite is the Enamel Ivory. It is the classiest Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stove you will see. This is followed closely by the Green which is very similar to the old British Racing Green. It looks luxurious.


Stovax Enamel Green Brunel 2CB Multi Fuel Stove

Stovax Brunel 2CB Multi Fuel Stove

The Stovax Brunel Cast Iron Stoves are one of the oldest in the collection. Despite this they are kept up to date and have all the modern features such as clean burn technology and effective Air Wash Controls. Again they come with Enamel versions so look good when not in use. A more mechanical looking Stove, but an old favourite. There is no pure Wood Burning Stove in this range. All Brunel Stoves are Multi Fuel.



Stovax Sheraton Stove

Stovax Sheraton Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stove

The Stovax Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Sheraton Stove is a Stove on its own.  With a belting 8kw output it has a couple of amazing features. The first and in my opinion its best is that it has a Thermostat on the Multi Fuel versions. This means it adjusts the air supply to the stove automatically to maintain a lovely room temperature without having to leave the armchair. It can also come with long legs which can be very useful for loading and cleaning out the stove. Much less bending involved when the long legs are fitted.


Not everybody wants a Stove. Some people yearn for the open fire but still want the efficiency of a stove.

Stovax Regency Multi Fuel Stove

Stovax Regency Multi-Fuel Stove

Enter the Stovax Regency Cast Iron Stove. This brilliant cast iron multi fuel stove is designed to be used with the doors open revealing a massive fire bed. When your not in the room or not ready to toast your feet you can close the doors to get the full stove efficiency. An absolute classic for large inglenook fireplaces. But be warned they are hot. As an optional extra you can get barbequeue sets and cooking pots for this stove. Me, I prefer to cook in the kitchen. Sausages spitting over the living room carpet is not on my to do list.



Stovax Riva Convector multi Fuel or Wood Burning Stove

Stovax Riva Convector Stove

The Stovax Riva Stove is another unique product. This is an ideal wood burning or multi fuel stove for awkward to heat homes. By awkward I mean funny shaped, narrow, long, walls in the way etc. This stove wins in these situation because it can have a Fan Assisted Convection Kit. It will literally blow the heat around your home. They come in various sizes from 5kw – 11kw and whilst obviously a more expensive stove they can be worth their weight in gold in the right home. The Riva Stove comes in stunning Black.


Stovax Wood Burning or Multi Fuel View Stove

Stovax View Stove

The Stovax View Stove which comes as a wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stove is a modern designed Stove. It is  a smooth neat stove with black glass. It opens up many unique possibilities for installation and looks than other more traditional stoves. It has one truly brilliant feature which I adore. You can slam the door shut just like a fridge. You need a lever to open it but it just slams shut. It comes in a variety of sizes from 3.75kw – 8kw and there is a 7kw Inset Stove available in the range. Yes, they come in Black.


Stovax Boiler Stoves.

Stovax Stockton Boiler Stove

Stovax Stockton Boiler Stove

Boiler stoves should not be touched unless you are absolutely sure it is the right product for you.

If a Boiler Stove is not burning there is no hot water in the radiators. If you have left the house for any length of time without the stove running in winter you are vulnerable to Frozen Pipes. If you have just gone out for the day the Stove may have gone out and you have a freezing home. It will take hours to warm up again.

Boiler Stoves are really meant for homes where someone is about to keep it fed. Like Famers etc. and where the home is rarely if ever left unoccupied.

Stovax Stockton 7 Inset Boiler Stove

Stovax Stockton 7 Inset Boiler Stove

Fuel for Boiler Stoves if you have to buy it is expensive. Again they are best suited to homes with access to free fuel otherwise you might just as well enjoy the convenience of Gas or Oil Central Heating.

But can you link a Boiler Stove to you Gas or Oil Central Heating? Yes you can and then regret it for years to come. You can turn an all but 90% efficient system into a 65% – 70% efficient system. The plumbing is so specialised only the person who put it in will be willing to work on it. Then come the chilly June evening when you could do with a bit of heat in the lounge you haven’t got any. Not without putting on the whole heating system.

You may be getting the idea that I am not a fan of Boiler Stoves. I am but they are useful to very few people. There is a myth in peoples mind that if you are burning something you might as well catch some of that heat into the water rather than have it wasted. No heat is wasted in a Stove. If you have a 5kw Stove in your lounge and it is nice and toasty warm and you put a Boiler in it the heat drops to 3kw to the room as 2kw goes to the water. So you now need a t least a 7kw Stove to give you the heat you had before. Plus you now have abigger Stove which needs more fuel. As it is now a bigger Stove burning more fuel it needs more oxygen so you now need an air vent in the room to supply that Stove with that air. Now as this Boiler is only big enough for Hot Water and not Radiators, what are you going to do with all this Hot Water?

Dish washers are Cold Water feed. Washing machines are Cold Water feed. Many showers are Electric with Cold Water feed. We actually require very little hot water these days.

So to save what some believe to be wasted heat we now have a bigger stove burning more fuel, with a new draft in the house, making scalding hot water we can’t use all the time the stove is on.

Stovax Boiler Stove

How a Good Boiler Stove Works

Now if you are still keen on a Boiler Stove having taken account of the above we can really recommend the Stovax Boiler Stoves. A real boiler Stove is basically a Boiler with a door on it. For Central Heating you should never consider a Stove which has an ‘Add In Boiler’ there fine for hot water plus 1 or 2 radiators but not for full central heating.

Add in Boilers are at best 50% efficient. By this I mean only about half the available heat goes into the water. So if you are trying to heat 8 radiators from your stove half the heat is going to 8 radiators and the other half into the room where the stove is. This means the room with the stove is far too hot or the rest of the house never gets hot enough.

Proper Boiler Stoves Like Stovax are a water jacket that go around the stove and over the top of the fire. This ensures that the maximum possible heat goes into the water and not the room where the Stove is situated.

Stovax Make a variety of Boiler Stoves capable of Heating 8 – 19 Radiators plus Hot Water.