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Our homes are getting insulated to far higher standards than we have previously experienced. In some homes this means that a gas Fire or Multi-Fuel Stove are just not needed or used.

Enter the Electric Fire

Never have they looked so good. Seeing is believing.

Whether it’s a Fire, Stove or Hole in the wall look you’re wanting, we have them all.


There are now LED Fires.

The heater is the same but the effect is by LEDs which only use about 20% of the electricity of a bulb. As they have no bulbs they last for years without attention. All of the types of Fires mentioned here are on display at Trafford Fireplaces.

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The Biggest manufacturer of Electric Fires in the UK is Dimplex

Dimplex Electric Fires

Dimplex Rockport LED Fire

Dimplex Rockport LED Fire

Dimplex Chalbury Fire

Dimplex Chalbury Fire

What ever your requirement Dimplex have a fire for it. There are many manufactures making Electric Fires but very few put the effort Dimplex puts into its Fires. They have probably the best flame effect. In fact they have several different and excellent flame effects. But, they also make superb frames for the Electric Fires. Frames with weight and detail.

Dimplex Adagio Fire

Dimplex Adagio Fire

Dimplex Chevalier Stove

Dimplex Chevalier Stove

Here at Trafford Fireplaces we display the bulk of their range. So you can see feel and most importantly listen to their Fires. Some makes of Electric Fires Sound like a hair dryer. Not Dimplex, all their Fires are as silent as it is possible to make them. As a bonus as we are one of their official display centres you get an EXTRA 2 YEARS FREE WARRANTY on certain Electric Fires when Bought From Trafford Fireplaces.


ELECTROFLAME    Fully British Made and Designed Electric Fires.

These Electric Fires have the very latest High Efficiency LED Effect and 1KW and 2kw Heat Output. They come Remote Control as Standard and you can operate them manually if you can’t find the remote.

You can chose any combination of Frame and Front to give you a truly unique Electric Fire.

Every Fire comes with a no quibble 3 Year Warranty.

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