Normally when you decorate a room, the last thing you replace is the carpet. This makes sense for many reasons, the most obvious one being that you’re not going to mess up your nice new carpet doing the other jobs.

So, it’s fair to assume that most carpets are fitted around the hearth of your fireplace. Generally speaking if you were to remove your hearth, there would be a hole in your carpet (or whatever flooring you have in that room).

It’s quite common for us to replace fireplaces in rooms where the carpet is not getting replaced. Generally hearths come in standard sizes, so to make sure you’re not left with a hole in your carpet we’ll recommend you order a hearth that’s the same size or bigger as what was there before. In some cases, the hearth can be an unusual size so that you’d be left with a gap between the hearth and carpet either down the side or along the front.

But do not fear, there are a couple of ways to avoid this.

  1. A made to measure hearth. Some of our suppliers will make hearths any size you want. They do cost a bit more, but overall the extra you’ll pay will be less than replacing your carpet.
  2. A tiled hearth. If you know a skilled tiler, they can make you a tiled hearth. In theory this hearth can be as big or a small as you want it, though the size of tiles you choose will have an impact on what size hearth will look right. It’s really important you speak to one of us if you’re thinking of having a tiled hearth, as not all tiles are suitable for fires and could end up cracking with the heat. But we’ll be able to let you know what would work and we also have a selection of tiles you can look at in the showroom.

So yes, you can get a hearth that will fit the hole in your carpet.